About Us

Coming from a rather large family with Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins living nearby it was food that brought us together. My earliest memories involve family backyard Bar-B-Q's. My dad was the "head chef" of the family aside from my mom who was the "queen of the kitchen". Dad was always so particular with his recipes, cooking methods, rubs and spices. His one grilling pride was his "sop" (basting sauce), a secret that is shared only with family members. "Never pierce the meat on the grill" - words of wisdom from my dad that I will never forget.

Throughout the years I have experimented with different foods and different recipes. While working in the food industry with my wife, I started trying new recipes. I grew rather tired of Hamburger Helper and decided it was time for something new. Working together we found the fun in cooking and watching the joy on our family's faces when they would act as our "guinea pigs".

After 10 years owning a Gourmet Deli shop in the Rice Village in Houston, my wife and I sold our business. Once I got out of the food business I realized I really missed cooking! One day I saw an ad, "Jelly Factory for sale in Rosenberg, TX". Jelly was not something I really knew about besides using standard grape jelly on toast. But who am I to turn down a challenge? I've always loved to "play with my food" and create recipes for grilling - why not use Jellies? In addition to the family "sop", I use Jams and Jellies to add a glaze with rich flavors that compliment the flavor of the meat. I've experimented with using Jellies as a glaze for Pork Loins, Shrimp, Chicken, Salmon, Scallops, Veggies and more!

Located in the quaint Historic Downtown district of Rosenberg, Brazos River Provisions is like no other shop in the area. Our Artisan Jams and Jellies are Wine Infused, Champagne Infused, Tequila Infused and Pepper Infused Jams and Jellies made right in the kitchen of Brazos River Provisions. Most days customers are welcomed to the store with the aroma of Jelly being made in the kitchen.


Over the years I've come to think of customers as friends. Customers love to come in and chat. We chat about the weather, family, and friends and sooner or later the discussion always turns to food. At the shop I offer a daily sampling of every jelly I create. At times I have gone on and on about my food experiments and which ones have worked and which ones my family loves. After "telling" customers how to use the Jellies, it was only natural to write recipe cards.

I love the look on a customer's face when I explain what you can use the Jelly for and how many different ways it can be used. Husbands have been dragged in by their wife when I tell them I use certain Jams and Jellies for grilling and then they come back with new recipes they've created! Others have come in with a need for a last minute dip recipe for a dinner party. Nothing makes me happier when customers return with positive words on the product and a need for more.

I am excited to say that Brazos River Provisions Jams, Jellies and Salsas are now available in other retail locations throughout Texas. Check back and see when we will be at a location near you to sample our product!

Now, if I can only teach our daughter the fine art of grilling...